Message from the Director

Lisa with support dog Daphne

In the POCA Tech classroom, there’s a poster hanging on the wall with this quote by Ricardo Levins Morales:

If you give me a fish, you have fed me for a day. If you teach me to fish, then you have fed me until the river is contaminated or the shoreline seized for development. But if you teach me how to organize, then whatever the challenge, I can join together with my peers and we will fashion our own solution.

At POCA Tech, we’re teaching acupuncture, but we’re also working to create conditions that support students learning to organize. Because the hardest part of being an acupuncturist isn’t using needles, it’s everything else. As part of the POCA Cooperative, we believe that cooperation and self-organizing are the solution.

If community acupuncture is your vocation, you’ve found your school. Welcome.