FAQs for Prospective Students

How does your school schedule work exactly? This module thing is kind of confusing.

POCA Tech has 3 types of instruction:

1. Acupuncture classes. These happen at our classroom at St. Charles Church. Each student cohort meets for 4 days a month, 10 months of the year, for three years.  The modules take place Saturday through Tuesday, 9 am to 5 pm, so you will spend 28 hours a month in class or 280 hours a year, for three years. So for example, Cohort 1 meets from the first Saturday of the month through the following Tuesday, Cohort 2 meets from the second Saturday of the month through the following Tuesday, etc. We’re on break for the month of January and the month of August.

2. Biomedical co-requisite classes. 420 hours of science. Many students take these before applying to POCA Tech; others take them concurrently during the first two years.  You can take these at any accredited institution, including online.

3. Clinical training, which is comprised of 160 hours of Observation in the first/second year, and 500 hours of Clinical Internship during the second/third year. This training is individually scheduled. At this time you must plan to move to Portland OR in order to do your clinical internship for at least 1 1/2 years. Exactly how long your clinical training takes will depend on a variety of factors, including your availability and the availability of clinic shifts.

Do people work at the same time as going to school?

Yes, almost all students do. The POCA Tech program is designed to allow people to keep working by condensing class time into four days a month and keeping the class schedule consistent over three years. That said, it’s VERY demanding to balance work, class time, homework, co-requisities, and clinical training.

I’m thinking of getting the co-requisites done first before applying to POCA Tech just so I have more time. Is that OK?

YES. We enthusiastically encourage this, especially if you’re planning to try to work a significant number of hours while in school.

Is this a 3 or a 4 year program?

The POCA Tech program is designed to be done in 3 years but you can take as long as 6. It all depends on how you balance the demands of completing the classroom work, the co-requisites and your clinical training with the demands of your life.

Can I transfer to POCA Tech from another acupuncture school?

No. All students have to start at the beginning of the program. POCA Tech cannot offer transfer credits for any acupuncture school classes except biomedical classes, provided that the acupuncture school was accredited.

Why do POCA acupuncturists call themselves punks?

The short answer is in this abstract for an article written for the Journal of Chinese Medicine, Making Buckets from Ming Vases:

Community acupuncture – as practiced by self-styled ‘acupunks’ – is a radically different vision and philosophy for the practice of acupuncture in the West. Patients are seen in a group setting, which allows for treatment to be conducted via a high-volume, low-cost sustainable business model. Spa settings and excessive Chinese medicine theory are unnecessary with such a model of treatment, as the needles do all the necessary work. This article describes the vision, aims and underlying philosophy of the community acupuncture movement.

The long answer is in our free ebook: Punking: the Praxis of Community Acupuncture.

Is POCA Tech accredited?

Please read everything on this page.

Will there be other campuses of POCA Tech at some point?

We hope so. And that's all we have to say about it right now.

What does it mean to be a current member?

It means YOU MUST JOIN POCA. If you don’t know what the POCA Cooperative is, YOU SHOULDN’T APPLY TO POCA TECH.

So should I expect the POCA Cooperative to be all up in my business about what I’m planning to do with my education after I graduate?

CONSTANTLY. Being a POCA Tech student is not unlike acquiring a large, nosy, sometimes quarrelsome extended family. If you want a school where people will let you alone to do your own thing, don’t apply here.

Does POCA Tech offer scholarships or financial aid, or can you recommend anyone who does?

Unfortunately, no.