Educational Objectives

Handing out papers

POCA Tech prepares graduates to practice as independent health care practitioners.

Our educational objectives are for POCA Tech graduates to be able to:

1. demonstrate an understanding of acupuncture theory within its social and historical context; to apply critical reflection to all aspects of acupuncture theory and practice; and to be able to pass the relevant NCCAOM exams, or equivalent;

2. identify and model all functions of a community acupuncture clinic; administer appropriate styles of community acupuncture; evaluate patients’ needs and collaborate with patients to create effective treatment plans; establish a therapeutic relationship with patients; have good needling skills; demonstrate an understanding of their ethical and legal responsibilities; and identify and implement best practices for financially sustainable clinic operations;

3. model a trauma-informed and safety-focused practice of acupuncture; identify business policies and procedures that address social inequities in healthcare access and outcomes;

4. enter their careers as healthcare providers not unreasonably burdened by debt from the POCA Tech program; in order to support this objective, POCA Tech will keep the total cost of tuition and associated program expenses under the amount a graduate can reasonably expect to earn in their first year of practice (about $25,000);

5. demonstrate information and research literacy in order to successfully participate in the development of Liberation Acupuncture as a school of thought and practice; and

6. demonstrate strong commitment to serve their communities as licensed acupuncturists after graduation.