20 Takeaways from the POCA Tech JTA

The JTA was completed in July 2017. These preliminary results analysis of the JTA is necessarily high­ level, as discussing the results of each question would take days.

Written results for each question will be forthcoming. 

Response Rate

1226 Total Respondents
202 POCA members working in POCA CA clinics

Practice Settings

58% Private room practice (office, not at home)
38% [POCA *and* Non­POCA CA clinics]
21% POCA Community Acupuncture Clinic
18% Medical office (DC, MD, PT, etc.)
17% Non-­POCA community acupuncture clinic
15% From home
15% Mobile/housecalls
6% Other
5% Hospital
4% Institution (VA, detox, prison, FQHC, etc.)
3% Spa/salon
1% Military
<1% Cruise ship

This totals more than 100% because many people work in more than one practice setting.